"Quality is doing a job right the first time"

Andreas Nahler

CIS was founded in 1990 and is located in Vienna.

Our experience is based on more than 19 years’ practical work. Sponsors benefit from our well-trained team of professionals and our sophisticated Quality Assurance system.

We set great store by continuous training and improvement, from both the scientific and workflow point of view.


CEO Andreas Nahler



Dr.Dr. Gerhard Nahler

CIS’s services cover consulting and project management services, starting from the switch preclinical-to clinical development up to submission for marketing authorisation.

This includes also "coaching" of projects or staff-training "on the job" in case of temporary shortages of resources of the client.

CIS offers full services on quality assurance in clinical research and development. This includes regulatory-, monitoring- and biometric- QA support, for projects of phase I-IV, including post-marketing surveillance studies, but also development, review and consultancy for standard operating procedures (SOP) and vendor audits.

Dr. Dr. Gerhard Nahler, General Management



Roland Krammer

Quality is doing a job right the first time. The function of quality assurance (QA) is to detect deviations from accepted standards and weaknesses in order to improve systems, quality of work and cost-effectiveness.

CIS has experiences in the auditing of data bases, electronic clinical trials, e-systems used (e.g., e-Data Capture, IVRS), central laboratories and GMP-aspects of clinical trials.

The primary goal of CIS is not just enumerate deficiencies but consult for improving systems and procedures in order to increase quality and streamline activities, therefore saving time and costs of projects. Recommendations for corrective and preventive actions are an integral part of our job.

Roland Krammer, Quality



Marion Leibbrandt

Operational excellence means getting the job done without further worries. Clinical trials are complex projects that need an experienced management to assure high quality in the first place.

Rely on us to successfully complete your clinical trials and enjoy the safety of receiving a precisely (quality-) controlled and unanimous result. What better option do you have than to choose renowned quality experts to run your clinical trial?

Marion Leibbrandt, Clinical Operationos